The Law of Success

Seventeen Principles of Success

In 1908, Napoleon Hill was commissioned by billionaire industrialist Andrew Carnegie to interview over 500 of the world’s most powerful men in order construct a “success philosophy.” Over a span of 20 years, he assembled the data from these interviews into 15 principles that could be used by anyone in the general population to make progress in their lives.

He checked 15 of these principles with Andrew Carnegie time and time again until he had enough readiness to write his first book featuring these principles. This book was called “The Law of Success” and it was published in 1928. After the first edition, he added two additional principles to the list which were already vicariously described in the first and last chapter of the book.

These 17 principles of success are important because they can be used by anyone to achieve any goal that they aspire to. This has been proven because millions of people have put these principles into action and benefited from them even in cases when they weren’t aware of the principles themselves.The best way to benefit from these principles is to make them a part of your daily routine.

You won’t gain much if you try a few of them once or twice and then revert back to the opposing habits that cancel them out. This is the reason why all of them are presented as habits that are to be mastered gradually over time.

The 17 Principles of Success

1.  Definiteness of Purpose

The habit of focusing your actions and thoughts on one high and desirable goal in life

2.  Mastermind Alliance

The habit of working in complete harmony with others for the attainment of a specific objective

3.  Going the Extra Mile

The habit of doing more than is required of you with the expectation of receiving greater compensation from direct or vicarious sources

4.  Applied Faith

The habit of acting as if you already have what you want in life

5.  Pleasing Personality

The habit of being generally agreeable and friendly with people

6.  Personal Initiative

The habit of starting tasks that are important to you and seeing them through to completion

7.  Positive Mental Attitude

The habit of looking for the positive side of every situation in life—especially during times of turmoil and adversity

8.  Enthusiasm

The habit of keeping yourself energized by focusing your life on what you love most

9.  Self-Discipline

The habit of choosing not to make negative choices that will cost you more than you gain

10.  Accurate Thinking

The habit of making decisions and forming opinions that are based on factual information and tangible evidence

11.  Controlled Attention

The habit of prioritizing your time and energy to stay focused on what is most important and beneficial

12.  Teamwork

[Basically the same as the Mastermind Alliance principle]

13.  Learning from Adversity and Defeat

The habit of learning from adversity and defeat and making gradual improvements because of those experiences

14.  Creative Vision

The habit of visualizing the things that you want most and the actions that will help you to acquire them

15.  Maintenance of Sound Health

The habit of keeping your energy level up by eating healthy food and participating in physical exercise

16.  Budgeting of Time and Money

The habit of taking time everyday to move closer to your definite major purpose and saving money to ensure steady financial growth

17.  Cosmic Habit Force

The habit of repeating desirable thought patterns and behaviors until they become effortless and self-moving

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