An Entrepreneur’s Dream

Objective:  to list, exchange and transmute good ideas into reality Imagine that you harnessed one of the 70,000 thoughts that the average human mind has in a given day. What if the idea you harnessed was the seed to a blue-print for how to design your own life.  It grows to help you identify wants, collect and […]

An Age of Wonder

In the Age of Wonder, an ideal to discover the hidden realities of Nature drives personal commitment. Innovators are Visionaries and Theorists.  Their creative imaginations transform lives.  They know that the difference between impossible and possible is in determination.  They use feelings and passion to fuel their intense personal commitment. Throughout their journey, they need practical collaborators consisting […]

What were the top three most significant challenges facing your business in 2014?

Small Business Professionals speak with James Glassman, Managing Director and Senior U.S. Economist at JP Morgan Chase & Co. We gained valuable insights on a ‘Business Leaders Outlook for Small Business 2014’ while attending a private event.  Dustin McQuillan shared his 2014 BIG IDEA on behalf of Think Big Ideas, Inc.  Mr. Glassman responded with validation, “That is […]

What is an idea?

An Opinion, Plan, Principal, Scheme or Method

The dictionary defines an idea as a thought or conception that potentially or actually exists in the mind as a product of mental activity.  It is an opinion, conviction or principle; as well as a plan, scheme, or method. If an idea exists in the mind, then what is the mind? The mind refers to the human […]