Apply these 6 factors to control your attention.

Apply diligence to be crystal clear as to your intended destination.

If your attention is not controlled to direct your thought power towards achieving a definite objective, then a multitude of distractions will most likely divert you from finding that which you seek now.  We already know that having a clear mental picture of one’s definite purpose is like placing a north star in the mind.  The key […]

Identify what you want and understand why.

Have you considered following your Passion with Patience?

Patience has the best wisdom.  When I decided to explore to discover the way to make my idea a reality, I did not realize that I was going to learn so much about life. The year-long excursion to “transmute an idea into reality” became more of an epic quest to discover and develop true potential. Reflecting back on […]

An Entrepreneur’s Dream

Objective:  to list, exchange and transmute good ideas into reality Imagine that you harnessed one of the 70,000 thoughts that the average human mind has in a given day. What if the idea you harnessed was the seed to a blue-print for how to design your own life.  It grows to help you identify wants, collect and […]

Coldplay transmutes an idea into reality!

Objective: The purpose of this post is to provide you with one example where a world famous rock band took their desire to identify an idea and “transmute it into reality”. Overview: You will see how Coldplay, a British alternative rock band harnessed their desire to bring forth a single idea to achieve an end result. As they […]