Apply these 6 factors to control your attention.

Apply diligence to be crystal clear as to your intended destination.

If your attention is not controlled to direct your thought power towards achieving a definite objective, then a multitude of distractions will most likely divert you from finding that which you seek now.  We already know that having a clear mental picture of one’s definite purpose is like placing a north star in the mind.  The key […]

Identify what you want and understand why.

Have you considered following your Passion with Patience?

Patience has the best wisdom.  When I decided to explore to discover the way to make my idea a reality, I did not realize that I was going to learn so much about life. The year-long excursion to “transmute an idea into reality” became more of an epic quest to discover and develop true potential. Reflecting back on […]

An Age of Wonder

In the Age of Wonder, an ideal to discover the hidden realities of Nature drives personal commitment. Innovators are Visionaries and Theorists.  Their creative imaginations transform lives.  They know that the difference between impossible and possible is in determination.  They use feelings and passion to fuel their intense personal commitment. Throughout their journey, they need practical collaborators consisting […]