Transmute ideas into reality.

In order to transmute an idea into reality, you need to completely change the form, appearance and nature of the idea.  By qualifying an idea and creating an organized plan to establish a feasible concept, you prepare to demand from yourself persistent and continuous action towards its attainment. Press forward until you achieve success.

Don’t worry if you are met with challenges as you work hard to transmute the concept into reality. The key is don’t give up!  Just measure the results you are creating and adjust your planned approach to consider what is working and what is not working.

Define an end goal and establish your intention.

If you generated your idea and progressed it into a feasible concept using our virtual accelerator, then you have a clear understanding of the end goal.  It is important to understand your intention to achieve the end goal.  If you haven’t done so already, identify exactly what your intention is and how far you want to take the concept.  In other words, what do you plan to do with the concept in the future?

It helps to think through these three questions to narrow your thought line.

1.  Do you want the concept to provide you with a stable source of income?

2.  Do you want to sell the concept?

3.  Do you want to transition the concept to a family member or a friend.

Explore the opportunity a Private Equity or Venture Capital Investment may offer.

If you have a business that has high growth potential, think about seeking private equity or venture capital.

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