Create organized plans for success.


We are working to identify and align passions to develop the true potential.  By emphasizing an organized planning approach, we provide guidance to transition desire into a feasible plan.  Building a concept takes time, resources and hard work.  If your goal is to build a business that achieves break-out success, then you need to create your organized plan.  

Our system progresses the idea transmutation process starting with a definite purpose and building faultless plans to achieve success. During this process, we qualify ideas and conduct an assessment. Once complete, the idea is a primed concept prepared to commence the transmutation process.


Once you have identified a business idea, you need to create an organized business plan that details how you intend to build and launch the feasible start-up concept. This plan outlines the opportunity, industry, ideal customers, and competition while it also details the marketing strategy, operational processes, management biography and financial objectives. During this process, you will need to decide on a legal structure and consider how to protect your intellectual property.

1. Identify talents and form a united genius.

Entrepreneurs try to wear all the hats, but let’s be honest… you should not try to do everything yourself. Not only do you need to start your business, but you need to build a quality team. It takes a team effort which involves hiring the right people, recruiting the right advisors and connecting the right networks.

2. Validate the concept.

A great idea with an organized plan is excellent progress, but don’t forget about the validating the concept. Entrepreneurs need to validate that there is in fact a market for their business idea. One way to do this is to master the art of telling your own story. Focus to build an identity for your business and establish a quality brand that is trusted. Begin marketing your talent at once and progress your unique value proposition to better meet the ideal need.

3. Identify sources of capital.

Our curriculum emphasizes building a concept once enough capital has been raised to develop a product or service in order to achieve a proof of concept. Therefore it is important to decide how exactly you will capitalize your business. In many cases, entrepreneurs bootstrap the business but there are many options available to obtain funding.

To learn more about sources of capital, click here.

4. Sign off on the Organized Plan.

Now that it is time to officially build and grow your concept, you need to make sure all objectives on your organized planning checklist are signed off on.  It is very important to have quality processes in place with efficient and effective internal controls designed to enable you to monitor performance.  We recommend entrepreneurs do a soft launch to beta test their concept with family and friends.

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