Identify what you want and understand why.

Have you considered following your Passion with Patience?

Patience has the best wisdom.  When I decided to explore to discover the way to make my idea a reality, I did not realize that I was going to learn so much about life. The year-long excursion to “transmute an idea into reality” became more of an epic quest to discover and develop true potential. Reflecting back on the experience, the knowledge gained and lessons learned were the results formed from nature’s own way to prepare me in order to truly believe that it is possible to attain the object, or the idea, back of my definite purpose.

Success, in deed, starts with an idea. Although, in order to achieve success, it is most important to understand the true meaning and reason as to why one wants to attain it. That is the starting point for all achievement. When simplified in this way, it is more apparent to realize that there is a crucial task one must complete before beginning to think big ideas. First, explore to discover your definite purpose in life.

In order to discover definite purpose in life, one must be open and honest with one’s self and willing to explore the reasons why they behave the way they do. To begin, decide to establish truth in the given moment. This task is intended to define precisely where you exist at a point in time. Knowing the coordinate that you are starting from is ideal to better identify where it is you want to go.

Ask “What is it that I am ultimately seeking and why?”

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