Could Your Start-up Benefit from a Business Incubator?

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I believe that success starts with an idea but I also know that an idea, no matter how big or small, needs concentrated focus from the “idea owner” in order to grow it into a workable concept.

Think of an idea as you would a seed.  Typically, a seed needs certain elements to grow.  The basic elements consist in water and fertile soil.  Once the seed is planted with a purpose to harvest at a later date, the planter continues to make sure the seed receives what it needs to grow into its full potential.  An idea is similar in #nature.

If you have an idea that you want to make a reality, then my recommendation is to get started precisely in that moment to define the idea as best you can and be specific as possible.  Think of ways that take the idea from its current state, as an intangible object in your mind, to a moment in time when its physical equivalent is both realized and recognized.

Keep it simple:

  1. Describe as many elements of the “ideal” end result that you want to achieve.
  2. Think of more ideas and ways to achieve the “ideal” by brainstorming and listing possible actions without setting any limits.
  3. Immediately take one or two initial steps to begin making progress to turn your idea into a reality.

Many people come up with really great ideas but either a lack the ambition to start (or) they do not decide to focus much concentrated effort to breathe life into the idea.  Either way, both of these scenarios play a major role in causing many great ideas to never be realized.  Another reason is that some people do attempt to make their idea a reality but quit the moment a challenge arises or when one of the planned approaches doesn’t pan out the way they envisioned.

The secret here is to get started today!  Identify what it is that you want, leverage your talents, create the plan and follow through with persistent action.  Do not give up!

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