Coldplay’s Magic “Ink” and a head full of Dreams.

How did Coldplay grow the idea to create the #1 Billboard Hottest Record of the 2014 year?

Chris Martin asks Coldplay band members, “Is there any way you would start the song?”

Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, asked this question every opportunity he had and served as a catalyst for his band’s own inspiration.  For years, nothing had happened until eighteen month’s ago…

Coldplay’s Bass Player, Guy Berryman, did something and thought it would be his opportunity to share the sound with lead singer Chris Martin.  The moment Guy shared the new sound with Chris is the moment that created a vision.  The bass and drum-loop connected two minds and would lead to Coldplay’s follow-through to create the #1 Album on Billboard’s Hottest Records of the 2014 year!  Chris described the discovery and experience during an interview on BBC Radio 1.

During the interview, he also seeded the fact that they are at work on a new album called “A Head Full of Dreams”.  This album may just be their final album as it completes something. Chris stated, “I have to think of it as the final thing we’re doing. Otherwise we wouldn’t put everything into it.”

We were amazed with our own experience as we received the news of their new album release.  This news came in just less than 48 hours after we shared our desire for them to play a concert back in Tampa Bay.  Our post on the internet provided an example for our community of dreamers, thinkers, connectors and believers just how Coldplay took an idea and “transmuted” it (i.e. made it a reality).

We believe success starts with an idea.  We also realize that we make decisions in life based on our feelings and passions.  Since life is nature alive and well, we would like to see it harmonize our world and shine light for more to develop and realize their truest potential in a positive way to be happy, healthy and prosperous.

We are #ThinkBigIdeas.

RESULT:  @Coldplay confirmed that they will in fact plan on touring to promote their new album “A Head Full of Dreams” and continued to thank their “listeners”.


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We want to live life strong and live with passion.  We aren’t writing our own story right now, but we are taking notes and calibrating our focus to better live it!


Watch Coldplay’s interactive new music video — “Ink”

Coldplay‘s new interactive music video — “Ink” from their hit album is a new way for fans to interact and make selections of various elements that determine what they see along the way.

“The animated video starts out with a man lying on a beach. After following a ghostly woman into a forest, you have to choose between two different paths when the road forks. One path follows the woman, while the other brings you to a bar, where you can drown your sorrows in whiskey. Apparently there are more than 300 possible journeys through the video.”

Take your own journey through “Ink” by clicking on the blue star button below:


Coldplay’s ‘Ghost Stories’ Starts at No. 1 With Biggest Debut of 2014

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