What were the top three most significant challenges facing your business in 2014?

Small Business Professionals speak with James Glassman, Managing Director and Senior U.S. Economist at JP Morgan Chase & Co. We gained valuable insights on a ‘Business Leaders Outlook for Small Business 2014’ while attending a private event.  Dustin McQuillan shared his 2014 BIG IDEA on behalf of Think Big Ideas, Inc.  Mr. Glassman responded with validation, “That is […]

Are you an Entrepreneur that needs to delegate the accounting and tax function?

It takes a team to make sure entrepreneurs such as yourself stay properly organized.  We believe it is necessary to create a strategic and organized business plan to effectively execute actions aimed at achieving break-out success. Leave the Accounting and Tax up to Small Business Professionals so you can focus your time on growing your […]

What is an idea?

An Opinion, Plan, Principal, Scheme or Method

The dictionary defines an idea as a thought or conception that potentially or actually exists in the mind as a product of mental activity.  It is an opinion, conviction or principle; as well as a plan, scheme, or method. If an idea exists in the mind, then what is the mind? The mind refers to the human […]